My name is Susana…
For the massages I was trained in the school “Olesma” in Palma, unfortunately no longer exists, and in the school of traditional massages in Bunyola. I received my training for Quiromassage in the school Aifa Den in Palma.
I offer quiromassages in Mallorca, either blood circulation enhancing or muscle relaxing. Either way a great massage.
Hot stones? Cold stones? Doesn’t matter, this is relaxation par excellence. Hot lava and jade stones provide complete muscle relaxation, or cold marble stones also provide relaxation and also have a decongestant effect. A combination of the different stones is also possible.
Foot reflex? As well… Pure relaxation for the whole body through the feet.
Or gladly also Pressotherapie – with infrared warmth and passive gymnastic. And to make the relaxation perfect, with head and face massage.
I received my Pilates training in the Balearic Pilates Association and I am a member of the Spanish Pilates Association. Pilates is the perfect sport for all ages. My emphasis is on back health, so I offer small classes to ensure the correct flow in Mallorca.


I invite you to choose the massage or treatment that best suits your preferences in Mallorca: Chiromassage, Reflexology, Stone Therapy and Pressotherapy. Massage does much more than relieve pain and stress, It produces well-being and influences our spirit, providing us with a deep sense of inner peace and joy.


Quiromassage is a relaxing massage that can be used on a superficial level to stimulate the bloodcirculation, or on a deeper level to relax and stimulate the muscle tissue, for example in case of sore muscles, contractures , tendinitis and others. The quiromassage is a combination of different massage styles, like the swedish and the turkish massage. It’s applied with a series of movements, the therapist using only his hands and natural oils.


Reflexology stimulates the whole body via the feet, but at the same time very relaxing..

  • Reduce stress
  • Is helpful to better stress and depression
  • Promotes the circulation
  • Relaxed body and mind
  • Equals the energylevels

Hot stones / Cold stones

Massage with hot lava- and jadestones, that give the body a deep relaxation, and also the mind. The massage helps to relieve the cronical pain and balances the nervious system. It helps blood circulation and gives a sensation of lightness and complete relaxation, while the jade stones provide energy and harmony. The massage is also available with cold marble stones, that have good results with tired or inflamed legs and are also helpful with varices.

Body wrap

Bodyscrub with natural clay, and after a shower natural warm Karitébutter will be applied to the body. Then the body will be wrapped in film for a better absorption. Leaves your skinn soooo smooth…. For example for a wedding night or just simply as a special treat.

Body Wrap - Karmabalance


Pilates is the best way to have a strong back, preventing back pain, especially the pain in the lumbar region. It is also a good way to correct bad posture.

The benefits of Pilates are many, not only that the back is strengthened, but also the muscles are defined and the whole body benefits.

What is also important, especially for the ladies, is that the pelvic floor is also exercised, which is beneficial for the continence.

I offer Pilates in your home in Mallorca, as a small group or individually. Pilates in the fresh air is also planned.

Pressure therapy

Pressure therapy is a session of lymph drainage and offers a variety of benefits:

  • Elimination of retained liquids
  • Elimination of fat and toxics
  • Treatment of varicose signs
  • Treatment of “tired legs”
  • Help to lieminate body fat

I offer pressure therapy in Mallorca in combination with infrared heat which helps to “melt” the bodyfat and gives a sensation of relaxation. I also offer that in combination with passive gym.



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